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  • I will be reaching out to you on a daily basis to check on my kiddos. If you have a preferred method of communication please let me know, otherwise we will continue to talk the way we are now. 
  • Those who have not had their annual IEP meeing, we plan to continue with meetings the best we can. I will ask that you participate by phone at a specific time.
  • Next week, I will have student's assignments in Google Classrooms with the links to websites and worksheets uploaded as well. I have emailed an invitation to your school email. Students ~ remember to get into your email, it is your first name, middle inital, last name (with no spaces and all lowercase) Your password is your Oc number. 
  • Don't forget about PE - Mr. Zachary's PE Class -
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     I know we are all disappointed we cannot be in the classroom together right now, but no worries, we will make the best of it in the virtual world. Please check back here weekly for your assignments. Most of what we do will be online ~ unless you do not have access to the internet. In that case I will send you a paper copy home each week. Hopefully, this won't last long and well back in school very soon. 
     Stay healthy and safe ~ wash your hands often. Email me, I want to hear from you:
Love you all,
Mrs. Wendy