Wilson Elementary School Counseling Program

Please feel free to contact me during this time!
Remind  www.remind.com
Class Name:  WESCounselor
Class Code:   ASteddumSC
Microsoft Teams

This app will allow us to be able to communicate during this time. You can reach out to me! You are logging in as a student for educational purposes and should only be used in such a manner. Parents, you can log your young children in as well to say hello!

1. Download the Microsoft Teams app on your computer, phone, or device.
2. Log in using your school email (first name, middle initial, last name @overtoncountyschools.net)
3. Password is their Oc number.
4. Click NEW CHAT.
5. Select TO and type the name of the person you want to include. All students and teachers are listed there.
6. Type message and hit send.

Our Vision Statement:
Teachers, students, parents and community members
working together to achieve student success!

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Crawford TN, 38554

Phone: (931) 445-3335

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