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Dress Code

Dress Code 2019-2020

1. No hats or head coverings of any kind on school property.

2. No mid-drift, belly, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, or off the shoulder or low cut shirts, see through tops, sleeveless shirts (4th-8th).

3. No apparel displaying tobacco/alcohol products, obscene words/ pictures or sexual references will be worn at school.

4. Students are to wear appropriate undergarments, and these undergarments should not be visible to other students or school faculty/staff.

5. Shorts and skirts are to be at or below the knee for all students in grades 4th-8th.

6. Leggings can be worn, however, a shirt must be long enough to cover the front and back. When in doubt, shirt long enough that it could be tucked in.

7. No piercings except on the ears.

8. Hair color must be a natural color.

9. No cleats, skate shoes, heelys (roller) shoes, or other inappropriate footwear in the building.

10. Pajamas are not to be worn to school as regular clothes.

11. Jeans may not have holes above the knee.

*Dress Code is subject to change pending policy changes.

These Rules are with Administration discretion.